How to make smrekov liker aka. SPRUCE LIQUEUR.

So you are either an alcoholic or a Slav if you're reading this. Both is satisfactory so alas let's begin.

You're walking around the forest, you see a spruce tree and on it some fresh, green spruce tips and think to yourself; what the hell could I do with that? Well, the obvious answer has something to do with schnapps.

Here are some spruce tips if you don't know what they are.. disgraceful.

What you will need for 1l of this heavenly sweet goodness is

250g young spruce tips (see picture above if still confused).

1l of high quality local farmer schnapps.

Tastes better in a crappy plastic bottle. Trust me.

From this guy.

250g of sugar
No picture needed, I hope.

And 0.25l of water, just to surprise your liver
Kidding it's a must.

So now you have the ingredients and are ready to make smrekovec.

Put the spruce tips in the schnapps and take a vacation for 14 days as it needs to soak.

Now you came home and are ready to put the water and sugar together and boil it. When it cools down mix everything together and take another two week vacation.
When you come home you filter it through a strainer of some sort into a big bucket.

Into this thing.

Now you are ready to put it in bottles. Taddaa you very own smrekovec aka. spruce liqueur

You can use something less hardcore such as vodka instead of schnapps.
And you can use honey instead of sugar. Which you don't boil, mind you.

I will make a how-to on schnapps so you can have it all homemade.

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