The absolute dumbest ways to die series VOL. I, Trying To Kiss A Reflection Of The Moon In A Lake

Before reading, when you finish let me know in the comments what the hell is romantic about trying to kiss the moon? It's bloody idiotic to me.

Perhaps nothing could be more embarrassing than dying while trying to complete and over-the-top romantic gesture; that's like life calling total bullshit on you. But that was the case with Middle Ages Chinese Poet and Courtier Li Po (Li Bai) who fell overboard and drowned while trying to kiss the moon's reflection in a lake. Romantic, maybe. Pretty dumb? Sorry Li Po, but I have to say most definitely. And they say romance is dead. There's definitely a place in the world for gestures like Li Po's, but maybe that place isn't while suspended on a body of water. Although maybe it is. But the question is, is it worth the risk?

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You see, to educate you. A homo sapiens can't breathe underwater so don't try kissing the moon in the lake. I mean that's natural selection and it proves Darwin's point! Like imagine being on a ship and seeing dolphins and you want to swim with them. It wouldn't be the best idea to throw yourself from the boat since you would bloody die! It's not worth the risk. Unless you're a moron.

To caption, don't be a fool stay in school and you won't die a stupid death!