The absolute dumbest ways to die series VOL. II. Tripping Over Your Underwear As You Put It On

Before reading, when you finish let me know in the comments how the hell do people manage to fail putting their damn undies on. It's bloody idiotic to me.
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We've all stumbled one morning as we, possibly not yet fully awake from the night's sleep, tried to step into the undies we'll be wearing for the day. But perhaps no death could be more embarrassing than actually going for a full-on burton and fatally cracking your head on the corner of an inconveniently placed chest of drawers on your way to the floor. Not only would it be devastating to watch from the afterlife as you were discovered, pants round your knees and potentially your naked ass still half up in the air, but also your death itself actually would actually resemble something like a plot device from a clumsily written soap opera. Not the finest way to go out for sure.
Putting on pants isn't a very difficult chore, is it? I know of one person who died like that and I really wonder. How, just how are you putting it on?! Trip and break a neck, what a way to die! Tell me how would you want to go out? Not with your parts showing I hope.